"Swachhata Pakhwada" is being celebrated from 1 September to 15 September


  • Khidrapur Ta:Shirol Di:Kolhapur : It is a historical Place, having temple of Kopanatheshwar. It is located on the banks of Krishna river. It was constructed by 2 dynasties. Its having beautiful art and architecture in stones. (Visiting purpose English and history lesson)
  • Kothali Ta:Chikodi Di:Belgaum: It gives whole information about Jainism. It is located on Hill Area, it is having beautiful atmosphere. Its having old inscriptions. (visiting purpose while teaching Jainism & Buddism)
  • Nasalapur Ta:Chikodi Di:Belgaum : Recycling industry of papers.
  • Examba Ta:Chikodi Di:Belgaum : KG students visited the place Examba to know marketing in Jyoti bazaar .
  • Kolhapur : Visited the places like Shahu palace, Mahalaxmi temple ,
  • Top Sambapur : Visited to water park.
  • Chikodi :Krushi mela arranged by DKSSK Sugar factory .
  • Chikodi: visited for the purpose of state level science exhibition and auditorium.




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